Best Margarita Recipe!

This is the best Margarita recipe I've ever tried. Like, totally amazingly good. Michael got this recipe years ago during his catering days. We brought it out this weekend in Palm Springs and everyone loved them!

Margarita Recipe

1 can of Lime-aide
1 can full of tequila
1/3 can of Triple-Sec

Use the empty can of Lime-aide to measure the rest of the ingredients. Place all ingredients in a blender. Fill the rest of the blender with ice. Blend. Drink up.


Anonymous said...

Tried this on Labor Day and It was great. However, the second go round I only added about 3/4 of the container worth of tequila. The first batch was really strong!!!!! In a good way though.

Anonymous said...

These were too strong and I love the taste of tequila! So on my second batch I only used 3/4 of tequila in the can, then I added half can of water to tone down the tart taste after that I put the made margaritas in mason jars and put them in the freezer over night , I had weekend margaritas ready to go!

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