How To Make The Perfect Manhattan Cocktail


 The perfect Manhattan cocktail starts with a good rye whiskey like Jefferson's Straight Rye Whiskey. This rye is well rounded with spice and mint notes. The very next thing needed for a perfect Manhattan, and the most important in my opinion, is sweet vermouth.   Using a good quality sweet vermouth is the difference between a great cocktail and a bad one.

I have two favorite types of sweet vermouth I like to use.  The first is Antica Sweet Vermouth.  This stuff is classic and amazing.  It's sweet without being over powering with just a slight hint of herbal notes.  This is my stand-by vermouth.

If I'm feeling adventurous I'll go with Punt e Mes Vermouth.  This vermouth has a much more complex and herbal quality.

So here is the perfect recipe for a perfect Manhattan!

2 oz Rye Whiskey
1 oz Sweet Vermouth
1 dash Angoustura Bitters
1/2 dash Orange Bitters


angela@spinachtiger said...

Delightful. Manhattans take me way back to a time I was serving them, but too young to drink them.

thefoodcenter said...

nice recipes....
worth a try..

thnks for sharing with us..

Gluten Free said...

Oh my that looks like the most awesome cheesecake ever and I am pinning this so I remember to make it! Well done you for making into the book - that is brilliant and I shall purchase a copy!

Adam Kaplan said...
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Adam Kaplan said...

Love this!

I work with AllFreeCopycatRecipes and have been trying to contact you. Please email me if there is a good way to reach you. Thanks!

Adam Kaplan

Madison Whitton said...

This is perfect, I might just have too much of it. The last time I had a Manhattan cocktail was two weeks ago in our night out. The bartender wouldn't give me another glass so I pretended to be my "twin sister" just to get another one. Good thing I was wearing a convertible dress.

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